My name is Guille Senen and I am a visual designer currently living in New York City. I recently graduated from SBCC with an AA in Media Arts and Design. Feel free to reach out at

Graphic Design Intern — 2019

As a Graphic Design Intern, I was able to work on multiple departments including product design, front-end development, and visual design. While working within the brand’s style guide, I produced social media ads, email marketing campaigns, and sales collateral that improved and consolidated the company’s brand. I accomplished a complete switch from all-image emails to custom-programmed, responsive, live-text emails.

Amazon Go WatchOS App

One of my favorite things in the world is going grocery shopping — no joke. With this watchOS app, you can easily access an Amazon Go store using your QR code, track a list of items you’ve picked up from the shelves, and set a budget that will automatically update itself as you add new items to your shopping cart.

This project is strictly a concept and is in no way affiliated with, Inc.

Academia Mega

Visual Designer — 2017

During my time at Mega, I created multiple marketing campaigns that spanned across many platforms including store banners, Instagram and Facebook advertising, TV ads, web assets, brochures, and Keynote presentations.


This series of portraits reflect my love for architecture, negative space, bold colors, and simple shapes.